Sasco No-Tangle Clamping Nuts


Eliminate Tangling with Sasco No-Tangle Clamp Nuts

Our most common plated Sasco Clamping Nuts below have plastic sleeves on the springs, eliminating tangling during shipping and installation.

S14    1/4" - 20
S516  5/16" - 18
S38    3/8" - 16
S12    1/2" - 13

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About Our Clamping Nuts

Sasco Clamping Nuts are fundamental to the Sasco Suspension System. They ensure positive locking between the nut’s serrated grooves and the Strut Channel. When they are inserted anywhere along the continuous slot of the channel they allow attachment of fittings without drilling or welding. If changes are required, fittings are easily adjusted, removed or reused.


Standard Finishes

Sasco No-tangle Steel Clamping Nuts are produced from hot rolled steel ASTM A108 Grades 1015 or 1020. Standard finish is electroplated zinc. 

Some sizes of standard Sasco Clamping Nuts are available in stainless steel Type 316, hot dip galvanized, aluminum and fibreglass. Consult Sasco for availability.