End Caps

End Cap with Knock-Out

Catalogue No. KO Channel
(Inches) (mm)
S741E-EG 1/2 12.7 S1
S740E-EG 1/2 12.7 S2, S3, S4
S742E-EG 3/4 19.1 S1
S743E-EG 3/4 19.1 S2, S3, S4

Supplied with S14W Clamping Nut and bolt.

End Cap

Catalogue No. Channel
S733E-EG S1
S730E-EG S2, S3, S4
S731E-EG S5
S734E-EG S6, S7

Please note that these products are only available in Electroplated Zinc (EG).