Strut Channel: Concrete Insert - Steel

Sasco’s Concrete Insert Strut Channels installed in reinforced concrete provide a continuous slot for the precise location of cable, conduit, pipe, hanger rods or frames.

Install Sasco Concrete Insert Strut Channel across the anticipated area of use to save time and money by eliminating the need to drill and install anchors. Use in walls, floors and ceilings.

All inserts are shipped complete with two Anchor Caps and Ethafoam filler. Ethafoam filler resists the entrance of wet concrete and is easily removed in one piece eliminating the significant clean-up required with old Styrofoam fillers.

Catalogue Prefix Length Maximum Allowable Point Load*
 (Inches) (mm)  (Lbs./ft) (kg/m)
S2CI- 1 5/8 41.3 2000 2975
S5CI- 1 25.4 1750 2600

*Based on 3500 psi concrete and a safety factor of 3. The minimum spacing between point loads is 12”. Reduce load by 50% if load is located within 2” of an end.

This product comes in the following finishes:

Product Suffix:

Pre-Galvanized (Standard)** G

Hot Dip Galvanized** HG

**Note: Anchor Caps are electroplated zinc.

Standard Finish is defined by the suffix shown while other finishes are also shown. Many of these other finishes are stocked, however some may require custom manufacturing.

Add finish and length in inches to Catalogue Prefix above for Catalogue No. (S2CI-36-G). For lengths less than 10 inches (254 mm), see Spot Inserts.

Remove form.
Remove filler.
Insert Clamping Nuts and install rod or fitting.