Sasco's Slotted Strut Channels provide adjustment for wall mounting, constructing trapeze supports and other
suspension and mounting applications. Available in most single and back to back steel and stainless steel sizes
and finishes. Slotted aluminum available in single channel only.

This product comes in the following finishes:

Product Suffix:

Pre-Galvanized (Standard) G

Hot Dip Galvanized HG

Plain Steel P

Stainless Steel SS

Aluminum AL


Standard Finish is defined by the suffix shown while other finishes are also shown. Many of these other finishes are stocked, however some may require custom manufacturing.


Slot Size Centres
(W) (L) (C)
(Inches) (mm) (Inches) (mm) (Inches) (mm)
SL2 9/16 14.3 1 1/8 28.6 2 50.8
SL4 13/32 10.3 3 76.2 4 101.6
SL6 11/16 17.5 1 1/8 28.6 4 101.6
SL9 9/16 14.3 3 76.2 4 101.6
  • Standard finish for steel is pre-galvanized (-G). Also available in hot dip galvanized (HG) and in plain steel (P).
  • For availability of slots in stainless steel (SS), aluminum (AL) and fibreglass (FG), please consult Sasco.
  • Add suffix above, finish and length in inches to Channel Prefix for catalogue number (S2SL2-G120).